Keeping yourself Ranked on Top of Search Engines

Search engine rankings mean a lot to website owners, especially ones who depend on their website’s popularity for revenue. With money factoring into the picture, though, a few bad choices are bound to be made. Whatever SEO tactic you choose, there are four major factors that affect a web page’s search engine ranking. You can use them to your advantage, but always keep in mind your human visitors, no matter what happens.

Your URL’s age

When you hire an SEO specialist, chances are, you’ll be given a long list of possible, available domains you can use to make your webpage rank higher. If you’re an indecisive website owner, you might end up changing your domain and URL address every once in a while. This is a bad idea. Once you’ve chosen a domain name, try to stick to it. Let it age, and soon enough, sometimes as soon as one or two months, you’ll be ranking better in search engine results.

Your webpage’s relevance

Unfortunately, web pages aren’t ranked by humans. There are web robots which crawl through published web pages and scan them for specific keywords. The tendency for SEO specialists is to advice website owners to repeat these keywords as much as possible throughout the text body.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

While this would allow web crawlers to catalogue your webpage according to the keywords you’ve used, too much repetition can make your textual content rather annoying for human readers. Avoid doing this. If you need to think about keyword density at all, keep it at 1.5% or lower. Any higher than that and you’re bound to turn off a lot of visitors.


Your webpage’s popularity also matters in search engine rankings. Ironically, the more people there are who click on your website’s link, the higher your ranking will get. To do this, though, you need to establish trust. If you produce good and useful content, those website visitors are bound to come back again.


What’s better than a repeat customer? It’s a customer who refers you to his/her friends. When you produce really good content, there’s a high chance that other bloggers will post a link to your website on their own pages. Again, this is all about gaining the trust of your readers. When you put your human readers before web crawlers, you’re bound to keep that top post on search engines.

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