The One-liner magic: Micro Blogging at its Finest

A good way for online business owners to keep in touch with their clients is to put up social networking accounts. The most popular networks these days are Facebook and Twitter, and they allow account holders to shout out “news” to their contacts. These are 140 to 500 words of concentrated news tidbits which can be announced every minute, if the user wishes to do so. That could be annoying, though, which makes timing one of the vital skills to master in micro blogging.

The shout outs, tweets or status updates can also contain tiny url addresses redirecting contacts to videos or more comprehensive articles talking about the event. They can also be announcements of sales, sale extensions, or promotional contests. The beauty of using these micro blogging techniques is that the usage has been so “naturalized” into today’s global culture.

While flyers and emailed newsletters may seem intrusive (often listed as SPAM), tweets and status updates are still welcome. When they’re not “SPAMMY” or updated too frequently, they can even attract customers. Because they’re camouflaged so well into the social networking culture, these commercial plugs can be embedded into the consumer’s subconscious, making them pine, or at least look for the product even if they originally didn’t intend to.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Timing your announcements is vital. Simply by keeping track of your contacts’ shout outs, you can already sense when they’re going to “need” sales to be announced. Of course, following the “spending seasons” is also useful. Time your promotions and sales just a few days before salaries are handed out. This means that updates at least two times a month are vital. Discounts during gift-giving seasons are also vital. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are two “peak seasons” for shopping, so make sure that you’re able to ride the flow.

When you use micro blogging techniques, you also have to remember that they’re not one-way announcement mediums. Be prepared for feedback because that’s the Web 2.0 culture. The feedbacks may be positive or negative, so have ready, diplomatic answers for them. Try to be as accommodating as possible when your customers have queries, but try not to appear too nice or gullible. You want them to see you as accommodating but still very professional. Strike up the balance.

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