Why You Need A Mobile Version of Your Website

Is your regular website enough for targeting your mobile users or do you need a separate version? The fact is that a huge number of people rely on their cell phones and mobile devices to access websites today. There is growth and expansion in the web market and there is a trend of shifting away from the computer web browsers today to mobile devices.

What Will this Mean for Your Website?

If your website has a flash based web design, you might be experiencing trouble. Mobile visitors may not be able to see any or a part of your website. This is something that might have serious consequences for your sales. Sites that use robust multimedia, programming functionality or is graphically heavy, its performance would be impacted negatively on mobile devices.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Regular Websites Don’t Perform Well On Mobile Devices

Not everyone uses mobile devices with high speed internet networks. The processing power of mobile devices isn’t as robust as the regular PC. Clean, simple websites without the extra gimmicks will work well on mobile devices in most cases without needing any modifications. Standards-compliant, lightweight sites perform better than sites that are resource-heavy.

Factors Involved in Going Mobile

Creating a mobile website is not actually very difficult. With a quality, modern CSS site, you will be able to display your content efficiently in mobile version by creating a stripped-down alternative version of this CSS style. While ready to use mobile templates are available, in some of the cases the process involved might be more complex than that.

Now, if you want to create a professionally designed, efficient mobile version of your website, Ignition Media is the way to go. Contact us today to ensure you won’t be missing out on your mobile website users.