Bootstrap – Sleek, Intuitive, And Powerful Front-end Framework

Bootstrap was recently introduced by Twitter. It is a CSS style library for web application developers that need a little help with designing. This toolkit includes modals, buttons, grid layouts and a lot more and it works on almost every type of browser.

What Can You Do with Bootstrap?

The value of Bootstrap is enhanced with Less preprocessor. This adds additional functionality to the framework and makes it much more useful. Bootstrap does offer a demo page where users can learn all about its features as well as ways to use them.

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What Does Bootstrap Include?

Given here are all the features that are covered in Bootstrap: modals, error and alerts messages, pagination, pills and tabs, navigation, buttons, forms, tables, typography and the grid system.

The Lists and the Tables

There is a lot that can be done with Bootstrap once you understand all the features that it offers. One of the features in Bootstrap are the Lists. Lists are a part of the typography spectrum covered by this framework. It includes four separate sets of styles namely glossaries, ordered lists, nested bullet lists and bulleted lists. The lists are not very difficult to use since they don’t deviate from the HTML standards.

Bootstrap is aimed at new designers so the tables are meant for use for tabular data and not really for layouts. It does a good job at making the tabular data beautiful with all of the styles that it offers.

Bootstrap is definitely a good framework for new as well as experienced designers. Contact Ignition Media today for custom made websites and apps with the latest technology and features. Our mobile websites and apps will definitely deliver better user experience and therefore better customer loyalty, more leads, sales and profitability.