Mobile Website – What are My Options

If you are thinking about creating a mobile version for your website, there are various different options that you can select from:

Responsive Website Design with Media Queries

A responsive website is a site that will adapt and respond to the screen size and behavior of the user. The idea with this type of website design is to reorder and resize the design, adapt columns, typography and images according to the size of the screen and browser, orientation and resolution rather than providing a specific website for each device.

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Flexible Websites Serving All the Devices

With this type of website design, you will have one URL or website for each page. However, it would be designed to function or appear on all types of mobile devices as well as desktop computers. This is a single solution that will require simplification of the content but it will allow you to come up with a website that has multiple users. This option offers more flexibility by serving CSS as well as HTML.

Hosting A Separate Mobile Version Website

With this type of solution you will have two different designs and URLs for your site. One version would be the mobile version while the other would be for the computer. A separate website would often have different appearance and functionality than the original desktop website. While they may be sometimes referred to as web apps, they are not applications but actual websites.

Building a mobile website does involve some skills and knowledge of various technologies. With the kind of experience we have at Ignition Media, we can definitely help you create and design the perfect mobile website which will serve all of your needs as well as the needs of your customers in the best possible way.