Covert Promotions: How Product Cameos Work in DIY Videos

If there’s anything the online entrepreneur should learn, it’s the fact that the Internet is a sharing community before it’s a commercial one. People won’t waste time downloading a video that’s too obviously an advertisement for a product. When they do, it’s because the product is well-known and the video is cute or funny. For small business owners, though, fashioning advertisements this way is counter-productive. What they should make are do-it-yourself or DIY videos instead.

One should look at the Internet as a giant, virtual library. It did start as one, with people sharing free information with one another. Only recently has it become a bit more hybrid, mixing the “sharing” culture with tinges of commerce. Until now, the Internet’s commercial side is considered slightly less noble than its “sharing” culture. As an online entrepreneur, the challenge lies in fusing these two seemingly separate cultures together and getting the intended traffic to the website.

Uploading videos with the right keywords to big hosting websites like is a good move. More importantly, though, the videos shouldn’t disappoint the viewers. The more positive comments there are about the video, the more viewers it would attract. Good DIY videos are also relevant ones, directly or indirectly about the product. If you’re selling jewelry, it would be good to show off your skills by making bracelets or earrings in front of the camera, and giving deceitfully simple tips to your viewers.

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Tips on how to keep silver untarnished are also good DIY video topics for businesses selling silver cleaning solutions or silver products. Meanwhile, tips on how to choose the right haircut for your face’s shape is a good front for salons offering their services. There are a lot of videos online teaching people how to put on make up to achieve a specific effect. Product cameos usually work here, and they’re usually used as covert promotions for either make up products or contact lenses. They can also be online demos for make-up artists advertising their skills.