Exploring the Open Source: Pros and Cons of Free Programming Languages

Web developers are usually torn between using open source programming languages and commercially-available ones. Programming enthusiasts go for open source languages like PHP and MySQL because they’re more budget-friendly. Also, for these programmers, developing the open source language is part of the fun. There are numerous forums online just talking about the basics of these languages. It’s interesting how the pros welcome questions from those who are just starting out. This way, beginners get the support they need from experts without paying a single penny.

PHP is a basic scripting language which can be used to generate any element on your website. The best thing about it is that it can be embedded on a basic HTML code, which makes it ideal for simple websites built by amateurs. Another reason why it’s one of the most popular is that it’s still continually being improved by professionals. Linux, which is an open source operating system, has programs that make use of PHP scripting to develop websites. PHP is among the most universal scripting languages used today.

MySQL, on the other hand, is used for multi-user websites. This is perfect for community forums and even stores. Just like PHP, it can be downloaded for free, and there are a lot of companies specializing in the language so you can be sure that security encrypting is possible with this language. Among other open source databases, MySQL also has the most community members. Just like PHP, it’s continually being improved by expert minds. MySQL is the language used by the most prominent social media companies, including Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia.

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If that’s any indication, the programming language is bound to be here for a very long time. MySQL is a C-based (C and CC++) language which makes it both trendy and definitely more complex than PHP.

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