Mastering the Single Page Layout

The single page layout is one of the most challenging layouts to master in web design. Web designers need to put every element together so that a single unified effect is achieved. Of course, the limitations can have its perks. Stripped of the freedom to redirect to several pages all at once, the single page layout, when it’s good, is as powerful as an artwork. A good single page layout would have an attractive background image, the brand’s character well-communicated, and all of the vital information presented in as few words as possible.

This doesn’t mean to say that the single page layout needs to be very serious and direct. A lot of single page layouts are humorous. In marketing a product or a service, the humorous approach seems to be more effective. Consumers get bored when marketers take themselves too seriously. Of course, humor is also subjective. Some cultures may not appreciate the “tone” you’re using in your brand’s slogan. This isn’t a problem if you’re only concentrating on a local, very limited market. This can pose as a problem if you’re catering to a global market.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

In this case, it might be better to play it safe and be more grown up in your marketing choices. Again, there is no right or wrong in putting together a single page layout. As long as the page’s overall “attitude” works well with your branding efforts, the layout should do the job well.  There are basic things you need to do, though. They are:

  • To communicate your brand’s character through the design
  • To be clear about your service and/or product
  • To be unique and affective
  • To make sure that your layout is well-balanced
  • To make sure that the graphics and text attractive

Usually, single page layouts are used as online billboards. These pages usually contain a single link leading the visitor to another website with the store’s catalog or the service provider’s portfolio of works. However, they’re not like other website layouts because they don’t have too many tables and links arrayed in a column. Neither do they have cascading boxes.

When designing a single page layout, developers work on a single but vast amount of space, hoping to put together elements which will make visitors interested enough. Hopefully, these consumers will be curious enough to on a link which leads to the actual, more comprehensive website.

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