Amateur Mistakes: What to Avoid to Effectively Market your Website Online

Have you ever wondered why some websites just effortlessly get more traffic than yours? You’ve tried to apply everything you’ve read and known about niche marketing. Still, nothing seems to be working. You’re still on page two or three of the search engine results page. What are you doing wrong?

Limited by the niche

Some people take niche marketing so seriously to the point that they compromise all the promising things their websites could have become if only they dared to be different. Alright, maybe not too different, but the only way to rise out of the common niche muck is to tap into that one thing that makes your site unique from every other website that’s talking about the same thing.

Quit trying to copy the giants and literally just be yourself. Visitors will see the earnestness of your articles. By being yourself, you’re also closer to what real readers really need from a website in your niche.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Failure to Establish Trust

Are you so concerned about keyword stuffing that you’ve forgotten to think about your human visitors? To attract continuous traffic to your website, you need to gain the trust of real readers. Search engine spiders will initially put you on top of the listings under some artificial notion of relevancy. These spiders will just depend on the number of times you’ve mentioned a keyword. Loyal human visitors are priceless, though. Build your reputation as a credible source of information and you’ll soon have permanent top rankings on popular search engines.

Too many boxes

CSS makes everything pretty until you think about how well your website is going to be ranked in search pages. Try to use a simple website layout if you want your website to be organically listed. Too much flash videos and cascading, floating boxes can get search engine crawlers lost. If they can’t recognize the textual content of your website underneath all that coding, you’re never going to get to the first page of search engine listings.

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