How to write a blog post to capture your audience

As one of the leading Gold Coast web design and SEO companies, Ignition Media understands the huge role that blogging plays in the field of Internet marketing. It is essentially one of the most highly effective techniques to generate organic traffic because online users prefer two-way communication than one-sided form of broadcasting. However, more than the design of your blog, it’s the content that really matters. That is why, in this article, I am going to provide you a step-by-step, easy to follow guide on how you to write a blog post that will have all the ingredients to capture your audience attention.

  1. Keyword research – SEO is a huge part of blogging and with that, keywords usage is essential. Start the process of writing a blog post by doing keyword research. It’s the process of identifying the exact keywords or key phrases that are being used by your target market when they search for topics related to your business or products & services. Don’t worry because you don’t have to do this manually; Google offers free Adwords keyword planner that provides you with the list of keywords and their historical performance; meaning, how many times they were searched and how they may perform in the future. A piece of advice: always target conversational keywords and keyphrases because they tend to rank better on search engines. Also, ensure that your target keywords are highly relevant to your blog content. (Find out more by reading my previous post; Know what keywords to target with a Keyword tool)
  2. Listen to your audience – Giving your target audience exactly what they’re looking for is the fastest way to get noticed online. How to do it? Well, start by writing a blog post that talks about the topics that they find interesting. Using forums and even social media, pay attention to their questions and most common concerns. These are the best topics because there is an existing, and proven, need for them.
  3. Meaty content – A huge number of bloggers fill their blog with ‘fluff’ just because they have to. They know that there is no way that Google will assign them a better page ranking if a blog is not updated. But more importantly, you should be thinking about your target audience. If these readers are impressed with your blog posts, there is a good chance they’ll come back for more and share your URL to people they know. They may even talk about you in social media networks and believe me, this can go a long way. So, rather than writing fluff posts with no substance put your heart into it. Strive to provide information that your target audience won’t find on similar blogs; offer really valuable, useful content. Sure, blog post such as these take a lot of research and writing time, but you can be assured that you’ll be rewarded for it.
  4. Engage your readers – blogging is so powerful because it promotes two-way communication. Leverage on this and encourage your readers to participate. Ask questions, encourage them to post feedback, and make it a point to check your blog every so often so you can provide these people with timely response.
  5. Send traffic to your website – The whole point of blogging, at least for online business owners, is to pump more traffic to their website. This can be done by talking about your website or your products on your blog. Or if you want more subtlety, you can use anchor texts or words that are hyperlinked; for example “To get your website ranking well, one must have a good copywriter to product solid, factual blog posts”. Suggesting that your readers visit your website for more information on the topics that they’re reading about will also work to your advantage.
  6. Be consistent – While writing meaty content is the surefire way to capture your audience attention, being consistent is the key to make sure that they’ll stick around. One thing that I’ve learned about blogging is that its way too easy to lose your traffic than to build it. So, don’t take long time outs and make sure that your blog is updated at least once a week. If you don’t have the time to do it because your plate is simply full, hire a copywriter to research and write your blog posts for you. Exceptional ghost bloggers know how to write blog posts and you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive it can be.


Writing exceptional blog posts that capture the attention of your target audience is relatively easy. Just follow the six steps I’ve outlined above and you’re good to go. However, if you’d rather hire a copywriter from Ignition Media, all you have to do is to get in touch.

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