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Online Marketing Tips for Small Business

If you have finally made the decision to start a small business on the Gold Coast, or you already run a business and you’re looking to expand it, now is the right time to reach out to companies like Yoshiro Digital. Times have changed, when customers need a particular service or product, they’re not interested in wasting their time going from one place to another, instead they look it up online for an instant solution.

I know it can be confusing knowing where to start with online marking, so if you’re interested but not sure how to go about it then this article if for you. Here, I share a couple of online marketing tips to help small business like yours, succeed online.

Quality Content – One of the most basic online marketing tips, yet at the same time, one of the most important tips I can offer is to ensure your website delivers top quality content. Customers seek information and enjoy reading content that will help them learn something new and valuable. If you don’t consider yourself an exceptional writer, don’t push yourself. Instead, let another team member focus on writing or alternatively, hire a professional copywriter to look after your content. Delivering quality content is not only about writing—make sure to include videos and photos. The richer the content is the better.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Your Content Must Be Fresh – Many business owners tend to forget about the content after a while, but to have a successful website, this is not an option. Publishing new blog posts every week will do wonders for your websites online marketing campaign, and is something that I personally implement for my SEO clients. When visitors notice that you make a conscious effort to update your website often, they will visit it often.

Mobile-friendly Website – As you know, many people use their smartphones and tablets to browse the web. For that reason, having a mobile-friendly website is extremely important element of an online marketing campaign. If you don’t have a responsive site, I suggest you to go for it. Your websites search engine rankings will improve, it will load a lot faster and not to mention provide an enjoyable user experience.

Update Important Information Regularly – If you decided to change the location of your business, or a phone number or email address, you need to update such changes immediately. You need to do your best to keep your online presentation at its best. Be sure to keep all your business listings up to date also, this is a change that needs to be implemented beyond your website.

Social Media – For successful online marketing, social media accounts are necessary. There is no better place to interact with your customers than on the likes of Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. This is a huge opportunity and you should take it. Share interesting content, and let your customers know what products or services you are offering. Pay attention to their suggestions and comments. Both, positive and negative ones are significant. This can help you make some changes that will lead to greater satisfaction of your clients.

Monitor Reviews and Ratings – It’s important to think beyond your own website when it comes to online marketing. You need to take some time to monitor the reviews and ratings the customers provide about your business on third party websites such as Yelp and even Facebook. By learning what people think about your products, service and approach, you can become better. Feedback is important, so always find time to see what your clients have to say.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM is a crucial element of many online marketing campaigns and it is often the only way a potential customer can find your website on Google. To do this successfully, you need to select the right keywords. I suggest you to start with keywords that are most important to your business, and later on you can move one-step forward to generic keywords. If you need any assistance with your online marketing campaign, Ignition Media is always available to help. All you need to do is give us a call.


Online marketing will help you establish an online presence of your business, attract more customers and improve sales. There are a couple of great online marketing tips you can implement to help improve your strategy which include having quality content which you keep updated, ensure you’re site is mobile-friendly, find time to monitor reviews and ratings, keep important information updated, include SEM into your online marketing campaign and lastly, be present on social media.

Ignition Media specialises in online marketing and offers SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marking, Local SEO Citations and Copywriting services to help clients achieve their online marketing goals. Give us a call today to achieve yours, phone: 07 55 687 515.

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