The Difference between Social Media Networking and Social Media Marketing

The internet had already taken the edge over television and print ads as the largest advertising platform. Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to utilise the internet for growing their business. Now let’s define the difference between social media networking and social media marketing to hint you on how you can utilise each of them to increase your sales.

Social media networking does not automatically entail social media marketing.  The role of networking depends on how you want to benefit from it. A social networking service focuses on building relations among people who share common interests or activities. Now if you are attempting to market or endorse your business through your networks, social media marketing comes into play.

Because of its enormous popularity, several online entrepreneurs are beginning to tap their social media networks into the concept of their businesses. So instead of connecting individuals based on common social interests, entrepreneurs are becoming more pro-active in changing the mindset of their networks where they can connect themselves into the products or services offered.

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Since social media networking connects people globally, many entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking to expand their contact bases. With networking, you can talk about your business among your contacts. The conversations that you build may convert your contacts into actual buyers once they feel their opinions are being heard. Hence, marketing is done.

The main problem with social media marketing, however, is that it can be very time consuming.  But if you invest an ample amount of your time in supplying relevant information to your contacts and your contacts find such information helpful, it will bring huge traffic to your site.  When people find your site interesting, chances are, your contacts will likewise endorse your site to their respective networks. Therefore, your network exponentially grows, and it will be a huge plus to your business.

Social media networks like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and blogs allow users to retweet or repost the comments you made for a particular product. So by repeating the message, all of your users’ connections are able to see your message. In essence, the success of your social media marketing strategy depends on how wide your network is and how well your contacts perceive your messages. Search for SEO reviews if you are looking for the ways to expand your online presence; offered digital marketing strategies can help you increase the web traffic.

If you want your business to be recognised amongst the online community then you need to start building you social media networks.  Once you establish your networks, it’s time to implement your online marketing strategy. You can consult Ignition Media to help you promote your business through networking.