How to Make Your Website iPad & iPhone Friendly

As you would certainly know, iPad and iPhone have become common household gadgets in the past few years. Millions of people around the world love these gadgets due to their portability and functionality. If you are an online entrepreneur, you can’t afford to neglect these ballooning folks. This is why you should consider optimising your website for iPad and iPhone.

 Avoid Using Flash

Apple’s mobile operating system and its devices don’t support Flash-dependent elements. If your website is loaded with Flash content, these elements won’t appear on both iPhone and iPad screens. Aside from getting your visitors frustrated with these “holes”, you are also making them leave your site. Now if you have Flash content on your site, you need to re-evaluate whether or not you truly need such content. Javascript is a good alternative option to display the content otherwise you’ll need to develop a simplified HTML version.

Work on the Layout

Albeit small, iPad and iPhone are designed to show off everything from all angles. These gadgets allow internet users to literally turn on their sides, and so with every turn you need to focus on how your website looks in portrait and landscape. To do this, use fluid-width layouts and adaptive CSS. Using the right CSS allows you to create a flexible design that likewise allows people to view your content regardless what browser and device they use.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Employ Easy Navigation

A complex navigation structure can make it difficult for people to view your site and its content on small devices. So when you’re designing your site for iPad and iPhone, make sure you provide the users a pleasant browsing experience. Remember, these users are mainly using their fingers to scan through your page, instead of a mouse.

Create an Ipad and iPhone Home Screen Icon

This icon will allow your visitors to easily enter your website straight from the home screen. It gives them the ability open your site in just a click. If you don’t create a custom icon, iPhone will automatically take a small screen shot of your site and make it as your icon—not too ideal for a competitive site. Besides, your home screen icon is the first thing that will catch the user’s attention when looking at the device!

Making your website iPad and iPhone friendly can help you grow your business. If you can’t do it yourself then you’re better off consulting a professional web designer. Ignition Media is a team of IT professionals who can help make your website ready for iPad and iPhone. Doing that will help increase your revenue in the process!