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Online Marketing Predictions for 2016

Online marketing is a fast paced and every changing world and with consumers gaining more power, the digital marketing industry is experiencing rapid changes. However, this is not at all bad news – in fact, today, there are more sophisticated tools and platforms available that aid online marketing than ever before. Businesses across the Gold Coast have a range of marketing tools at their disposal to help them reach their target audience and get ahead of their competition.

As an SEO, I follow the ever changing digital marketing industry to provide quality online marketing services to Gold Coast businesses. In this article, I will take a look at the latest online marketing trends and predictions for 2016 and how they will impact your business.

Video Ad Boom

The future of online marketing undoubtedly lies in video ads. Video advertising is already provided by major players like Facebook and Bing and even Google is experimenting with video advertising features. It is estimated that video ads will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017 and 64% of online marketers believe that video ads will be the dominant factor in their strategies. The potential reach of videos is incredibly high – well over a billion visitors every month and it is estimated that 7 out of 10 people view brands more positively if associated with video content.

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Evolution of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has been around for a while now, but automation platforms are experiencing rapid development. Predictive analytics, full circle recommendations and open programs are making marketing automation platforms much more efficient and effective. Marketers are diving into the world of automation today, making use of email scheduling, automating social media, managing of content and segmenting of contacts, among many other techniques. Modern day marketing automation allows marketing campaigns to grow, reach out to more people and makes business goals more attainable.

Here, at Ignition Media, we also make use of the latest in marketing automation, including techniques for email marketing and social media marketing, among many others.

Social Ads

Digital ad spending has been growing rapidly, having experienced 17.2% growth in 2015 and is expected to further grow by 13.5% in 2016. By 2017, it is expected that digital ad spending will surpass TV ad spending. Social media ads are going to be dominant, making up about 16% of total digital ads by 2017. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram offer effective visual platforms and Facebook and Twitter make for excellent lead generation and targeting websites. With more sophistication and features being added to these platforms, social ads are something that marketers should look towards in 2016.

At Ignition Media, we offer social media marketing services, including social ads, which aim to take advantage of the many sophisticated social networking sites around today.


Native Advertising

Native advertising is also gaining more popularity with marketers and it is expected to be used by marketers more in 2016. Ad blockers are what have led to a rise of native advertising. Online ad blockers have greatly impacted ad revenues, with companies losing up to 40% of revenues due to ad blocking software. Native advertising is the way marketers counter ad blockers. Native ads are unlike traditional forms of online advertising as they look and feel like they display non-promotional content. With more and more marketers turning towards native advertising, it is expected to be an essential part of digital marketing strategies in 2016.

Mobile Domination

Mobile technology has steadily been penetrating the world and in 2015, Google announced that mobile traffic has managed to surpass desktop traffic. Google has also launched a new algorithm to phase out websites which are not optimised for mobile usage. With these changes having been implemented, it is clear that Google is banking on desktop traffic to slowly phase out and marketers should make a note of this fact.

The future of smart money definitely lies in mobile focused online marketing and 2016 should see the start of this trend. Because of this, mobile friendly-websites are today’s industry standards and therefore, Igniting Media only create responsive websites to give our clients the best chance of succeeding online. Our SEO campaigns are also designed with a mobile strategy in mind, as more people use their smartphones for searches than desktops.

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Online marketing is facing a lot of changes and there are some major predictions in store for the digital marketing industry in 2016. Video ads are going to gain more popularity, marketing automation is going to evolve, social ads will be more rampant, native advertising will increase and mobile consumption will dominate desktop consumption. Ignition Media has taken a close look at these factors and looks to capitalise on these changes to deliver high quality online marketing on the Gold Coast.

Ignition Media specialises in online marketing on the Gold Coast. Our broad portfolio of online marketing services includes SEO, SEM, social media marketing, copywriting, email marketing, local business citations and much more. To take advantage of our online marketing services, contact us today. You can count on Ignition Media for all your online marketing needs.

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