OFS Group-Building your Workspace Right.

We’re very proud to be a valued partner of the OFS Group as they continue giving Australians the best office solutions possible. Are you currently planning your own office space? Or do you think it’s time to give your studio a make-over? Be practical but stylish. Choose among OFS Group’s numerous office solutions are sure to make your storage and layout problems go away.

Aside from partitions, filing cabinets, overhead shelves and modular tables, the OFS Group also offers industrial storage spaces for your warehouses. There are also several options if you’re actually looking for space-saving solutions for your library. Have you ever seen retractable shelves? OFS is actually one of the first companies in Australia to offer this innovative library solution. It’s perfect for law firms, schools and even architecture firms.

Take your pick. The OFS Group has been in the industry for decades. They started serving Australian offices in 1977. They’re actually serving as suppliers now to some of Brisbane’s trusted brands including Namco and Brownbuilt. If you need to custom-fit your house, dormitory, storage room, or retail shop, the OFS Group also offers the services of its engineers and architects.

Recently, the company has also extended its product line to include mobile shelving solutions and more innovative office furnishing solutions. If you want quality furniture you can trust, you should only work with the OFS Group. Don’t take your chances with any other company because you might put your workers’ or students’ lives at risk. You don’t just get your money’s worth with the OFS Group. You get insurance too that you’re safe with these products.

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