Listings vs. Search Engine Ads: When to go Organic and When to Pay the Bill

Getting things for free is always a great deal. This is why a lot of people still choose to stay organic when it comes to their Search Engine Optimisation efforts. However, as with all free things, this also means that you’re never in full control of your website’s rankings. Google or any other web search engine can change the algorithms they use on their web robots to rank pages.

Your page may be on top of the list today, and way back in page 5 the next week. It’s not because of something you did. It’s just the way search engines conduct themselves. Since you’re not paying for anything, as a website owner, you don’t really have a say on what happens. When you buy into pay-per-click ads, though, you’re more in control.

Paying your own space on search engines means that you’re always visible to search engine users. They’re more likely to click on your page than they are on other pages because you’re paid for it. That must mean you’re serious about your content, and some website visitors may find you more credible.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

The best thing about pay per click ads is that you only pay every time a search engine user clicks on the link to your web pages. This means that the ROI or return-on-investment of your website is pretty much in sync with the cost of your advertising efforts. However, there is a catch.

Not every single visitor, if you’re keeping an online store, is bound to buy products from you. You’re basically just paying for the ad to make consumers aware of your presence. A lot of your revenue production will still depend on your other marketing techniques. This means that the pay-per-click ad is not your easy way out of all the hard, marketing leg work.

You’ll still have to do your research, monitor your business’s performance and look at the results brought on by your paid ads. The PPC ad is just a part of the whole scheme, in the same way that your organic SEO efforts are only small cogs in a bigger SEM machine.

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