Paradise Palms: Affordable Coffs Harbour Accommodation

Ignition Media is extremely pleased to present Paradise Palms Resort; affordable Coffs Harbour accommodation. Enjoy a relaxing vacation by the sea without breaking your budget. This resort is perfect for young couples who want to spend their honeymoons someplace more secluded than the crowded beaches of the Gold Coast. The Coffs Harbour is reserved enough, with the resort itself covering acres and acres of land. You’ll be surrounded by Australia’s finest floras including banana trees and other tropical foliage. The apartments are separately built so you won’t have to worry about your neighbor’s noise disturbing your sleep.

At sea, there are water sports amenities for skiing and many more. You can also enjoy this resort’s big, freshwater pool. Paradise Palms Resort is also a favorite venue for couples who would like to be wed. This Coffs Harbour Resort, as a matter of fact, includes a wedding chapel which is perfect for an intimate get together with your family and friends. You can avail of the Paradise Palms package so the rates for your guests’ accommodation are lowered.

Are you planning to stay for a week? Paradise Palms Resort is also very welcoming of long term guests. To show their appreciation, they give three-, five-, and seven-day packages for those planning to rent out a studio room or two adjoining bedrooms. There are also special prices for open plan bures. If you’re trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and you’re looking for the most cost-efficient Coffs Harbour accommodation, book your stay at Paradise Palms.

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