The Booking Dance: How to make Affiliate Accommodation Programs Work

Ignition media is honored to present the affiliate marketer’s solution to positive revenues: The Booking Dance. This website is created by Nicole Brooke who also owns This is currently the leader in affiliate accommodation for Australia right now, and after collating all the date regarding the website’s performance, Nicole Brooke wants to give back. She wants to share the secrets behind effective online marketing.

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Learn everything from the basics of affiliate programs, how to prepare your Go-Live application, creating effective website copy, getting the most cost-effective website design, the basics of website development, planning your website, and finally, promoting your website to other venues online.

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Without guides, mastering the tricks of the trade can take years, and you might have already invested too much money into your marketing attempts for it to still feel rewarding enough. With The Booking Dance, everything is simplified which makes learning so much easier. Once you have all the essentials in place, you should be able to make wise affiliate decisions, keep your losses at a minimum and your profits, continually coming in. Let The Booking Dance make the job easier for you.