Advertising On The Internet: What Are My Options

The Internet is by far the fastest growing medium of information and entertainment. It goes without saying that with the increase in people using the Internet, it has become a potent platform for advertising. Internet advertising forms a very important chunk of any advertising budget for today’s major companies. There are various options you have for Internet advertising. Here are some of these several options:

Types of Ads: There are only two major types of advertisements on the Internet – text ad and graphics ads, if you consider flash as a graphic ad for want of simplicity. You should decide which type of ad you want for your product or company. With the advent of Web 2.0, graphic ads are being phased out. Most successful Internet advertising has been non intrusive and non obtrusive to the reader. While these were the different types of ads, below are the various options you have when it comes to internet advertising:

Traditional Banner Ads: You can buy ad space on the various websites that offer them. The websites will charge depending on their web traffic, the size of the ad and where you wish to place them on their website. Also, you can opt for the various types of pop unders and pop unders for your advertising needs.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Agencies: If you find it too tiresome to look for websites and contact them for your advertising needs, you can sign up as an advertiser with the various advertising programs prevalent on the Internet today. The most famous of these are Google Adsense. Google Adsense acts as a middle man between companies and individuals who wish to advertise their product, and individuals and companies who have webspace available for advertising. Google Adsense may be the most successful advertising module ever to hit the Internet.

Article Marketing: Article marketing is touted to be the next best advertising option in a spate of two years. There are various article directories where you can post articles about your product or company, with a link taking the readers to your website at the end or even in between your content.