SEO – What NOT To Do

Most search engines have laid down some strict standards that you need to follow to make the search engine optimization process successful. There are many people who might not be aware of what they can or can’t do and so here are some things related to SEO that you should never do:

Advertisements: If you have created a new website then refrain from putting any advertisements in it from the word go. If you put ads on your new site then Google will mark it as a suspected “ad farm” site and hence will not index it for a particular period, which means that your website will remain in the sandbox. Instead, you can make your website content keyword rich so that it can be indexed.

In bound Links: If your website doesn’t have any inbound links or if you add too many irrelevant links or multiple links from one site then it will hamper your Page Rank as Google will label your website as a Link farm. Ensure that you pick links from only those websites that have some similarity to your industry or content.

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Duplicate content: If you use content copied from other websites then you will be penalized by the top search engines and your website ranking may suffer due to this. Always make it a point to use non-copyright and original content so that search engines can index your website.

Keyword spamming: Over-using of keywords or using of too many irrelevant keywords can have a negative impact on the overall ranking of your website. Ensure that you research your keywords, use relevant keywords and keep the keyword density at around 2%

Invisible Text: Invisible text refers to content that can’t be seen by the user because it is of the same color as the background and is jammed with keywords. Search engines today are smarter and they will ban your website for doing it.