Basic Rules Of Website Promotion

How do the basic rules of website promotion help your cause? As a company or an individual having interest in the Internet real estate, you pump in substantial amount of dollars on development of your website under the impression that once the completed website is on the Internet, people will simply visit it in hordes and therefore, you don’t have to undertake any website promotion for it. Let’s put things in perspective. With hundreds of websites being uploaded on the internet each day, prompting your website becomes a necessity unless you want it to get lost, anonymously, in the realms of the virtual world.

Effective website promotion demands that you utilize every proven best method available to promote your website. Typically, there are two different types of search tools – search engines and directories. Search engines are algorithms driven while directories are driven by human editors. If you get your website listed in these directories, you can be sure that the search engine spiders will index your site soon enough.

Here are two wonder rules for easy and effective website promotion.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Start with Directories: Search engines love directories. Since they are humanly driven, directories such as DMOZ or Open Directory project provide you free and effective website promotion opportunity. Keep in mind these basic rules can help you with a smooth submission process.

– Find out if your website is already listed in these directories
– Get a professional to pen an objective introduction of your company/website
– Choose only the most suitable subcategory from the directories menu
– Follow all rules of submission as per directory specifications

Next Step, Search Engines: Algorithms used by SEs prowl the internet real estate for web pages making it important for you to put some backlinks to your website. Some of hottest search engines are Google, Altavista, AllTheWeb, Lycos and MSN, AOL Search, etc. Google is the biggest with over 3.5 billion indexed web pages to date.

Sure there are many more rules of website promotion, but the above two are most important and effective.