Does Size Of Website Affect Its Pagerank

What is one of the biggest worries for an online start-up? Other than the fact that the business becomes successful, it also has to find its market and quickly. That’s why online start-ups try as hard as they can to get their websites listed on the top 2 pages on various important search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, besides others like AltaVista etc.

Once a website owner has decided to get SEO assistance, it takes a while to get things going for him/her. For instance, he’ll need to get the list of the best keywords for his business, get the best content written for his website, also, and get a good SEO friendly website design. Talking of design, how many of you out there, as online entrepreneurs, have ever considered whether the design and size of your website affects its pagerank?

Truth be told, it has been found that the size of a website does affect its pagerank, but only just. Actually, with many-many thousands of website pages trying their best to attract all the search engines, especially Google, how do you get listed on the front page results on these engines? Does having more website pages help garner more eyeballs?

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Actually, it doesn’t. What you need to do is optimize the content of your website, whether it’s a single page or 4-5 pages, around your primary keyword phrase and secondary keywords so that you can start getting more searches that translate into visitors and then business for you. Having optimized your content once is not enough. Search engines tend to be prejudiced to websites that update their content on a regular, 10-15 days basis. So, keep writing new and SEO content for your websites once every 10 to 15 days so that search engines keep your website on the top of searches made using your primary keyword.

Good and focused content and not the number of pages of your website affect its pagerank. So get started now.