How To Create A PPC Campaign

PPC is one of the most effective ways to get almost instant traffic to a website. Visit Google AdWords to set your account up now. After setting up your PPC account, learn to display your ad on Google’s SERPs or search engine result pages for the keywords you have bid on and that are of importance to your website.

Learning how PPC advertising works allows you to create an effective PPC campaign that works, and is a profitable marketing practice for your online business. If PPC was to be defined in a single line, then it can be said that it is a practice of bidding for keywords for placement on a search engine’s result pages. To get the best out of your PPC campaign, we suggest you follow the below steps.

  1. Market research to find out your audience and market.
  2. Get to know your target audience and market.
  3. Search Google for the most relevant keywords related to your business and observe the first page search results for both, paid as well as organic listings.
  4. Set a small budget and try not to spend a lot on the PPC campaign to start with.
  5. Your daily budget shouldn’t be more than $5.00 on a daily basis initially.
  6. Always choose the keywords that are likely to give you the best results. Since the success of your PPC campaign is dependent on the keywords you choose, only generate the most relevant keywords for your business (product/service).
  7. Generate keywords using Google AdWord Analyze or other such keyword tools.
  8. It’s best to bid intelligently and not too high for any particular keyword unless you know that it will definitely get traffic to your website.
  9. Attempt to have your PPC campaign appear either on the first page or the 2nd and not deeper than that.
  10. Finally, write only quality PPC ads.