Google Social Search For Google Buzz And Can It Help My Website

Google social search is new method of searching a person’s social media network to give him personalized search results. For example, if you are searching for a used car and your friend or colleague on Twitter, Facebook, or a LinkedIn, among others, has one to sell or say something about it, you’ll be able to see a link to that post in your search results along with its summary.

So, as Google Buzz brings you the latest postings made by those in your social network to your Google mail, the social search provides free advertising to people and brands, especially those others are talking about online. Also, if your friend had any bad experience with anyone and he wrote about it on any social media website, then you’ll be able to see that also in your search results.

Now how does Google Buzz fit into all this?? Well, Google’s intention with Buzz is not about creating another Facebook or Twitter, it’s about branding Google search and making people use Google’s products to get a rich and more informative search experience about their required content.

Why is Google Social Search important for Google? Simply said, as more and more people visit social networking sites to get news, updates, information and sell and buy products, Google is losing out on viewership. So in order to regain lost ground Google decided to change the way search is conducted and introduced Google social search for Google Buzz and enhanced search results. With Buzz, Google becomes more relevant in the Internet space and can try to regain lost glory.

What does it mean for your website? As a website owner, you should use Buzz, Twitter, and Facebook etc on a daily basis. The more often you Buzz or Tweet using the relevant keywords for your business, the better your chances of being found high on the search engine pages on Google.

Nicole Brooke

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