From 100 To 10,000 Visitors A Month. A Sneak Peek At SEO Secrets

If you have a business on the Internet, the three letters S-E-O will have special significance for you. After all, online businesses are all about having the search engines place your website high on their result pages so that more people can find your website. You have to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to generate your traffic and to increase it rapidly, if you already have it. Here are some secrets that can help you increase your traffic hundred times over.

1.Split test your website for various details. Split test the headlines, the keywords used, the general layout, the website design, even the images that are present on the page. When you split test, you are testing different options and identifying which ones work. You can pit one SEO element against another by A/B split testing or you can test various options by multivariate split testing.

2. Keep a keyword density of at least 2%. This is needed if the search engines should index your webpage and rank it.

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3. The content on every page should be at least of 400 words. Search engines tend to skip pages with lesser word count. Remember that search engines are always looking for information-rich pages.

4. Broaden the scope of SEO by article marketing and posting on blogs and forums. When using these mediums, implement use of relevant keywords and the usual SEO strategies that bring them on the top of the search results heap. Remember to place a link to your main website below each article, when posting a blog, article directory, post, or on a forum.

5. Do not use any heavy graphics such as flash animation or large-sized images on your website pages. These confuse the search engines, which look for pages filled with information only. Use graphics only for aesthetics purposes.