Google Buzz… Is It The Next Big Thing?

Earlier this year Google announced Google Buzz, a social networking appendage to its free emailing service: Gmail.

According to many experts, Buzz has the potential to be a threat to Twitter and Facebook and their likes. While Google and Twitter have been collaborating together, Facebook is missing from Google Buzz’s interface. So that brings us to the question, and a vital one at that, is Google Buzz the next big thing?

As you all know, social networking is the hottest thing after Angelina Jolie! Since Google has been playing this field for some time now, with varying degrees of success remember Orkut, launching its own social networking add-on means more business. The conversation feature in Gmail is a clear indication that Google thought ahead of time and allowed people to save their emails as conversations, almost a rudimentary form of social networking. With Buzz, Google is making an attempt to glue these two technologies – social searches and real time communication, together to create a single and easy-to-use platform for all its existing users and prospective ones too.

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It’s safe to say that Google Buzz is not a new and innovative technology, but it does make social networking easy, quick, and extremely accessible. All a Gmail user has to do is click on Buzz, the new option on the left – hand navigation and start “Buzzing.” People can buzz their status, share photos, videos, and even chat. You can also download Buzz for your Smartphone and use it to announce your activities in real time using Google maps, since Buzz allows you to find out if your buddies are in the same vicinity.

Using small and powerful add-ons using the latest technologies, Google has managed to create a huge client base and it’s fairly obvious that Google is trying to win over Facebook fans with its latest offering, the Buzz.