Google Caffeine – How Does It Change Things?

There is a buzz in the air. It’s getting louder. It’s about the newer, fresher, and faster version of Google search engine. And it’s called Google Caffeine. To be launched sometime this year, Google Caffeine will look like the current version. But the prime changes will be made to the way web pages are index and how pageranks are calculated. Additionally, it is expected the new version will load search results, faster and more effectively.

Google Caffeine will most likely accept any challenges thrown by the new partnership between Bing and Yahoo and while the pre-beta version of Caffeine was launched in August 2009, it has become a staple topic of discussion between SEO experts and webmasters. The main question being asked is: “Does Google Caffeine change things? And if so how?”

It is expected that Google Caffeine will take the way search is conduct another step towards the real-time search. Also, it’s likely that social media results from websites such as Facebook and Twitter will be given more importance.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

So, if you are wondering how the new version will affect your website’s pagerank, then we should tell you that everything is dependent on what you have been doing so far. Primarily, if you have been following the basic SEO tactics of having good, fresh content, inter-woven with the relevant keyword, pertaining to your product/service, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. But since Google Caffeine is an effort to improve the search user’s experience, you may be penalized if your website takes a long time to download. So trim image sizes, optimize website for faster download and create a slimmer, faster version of your website and enjoy the benefits of the new, improved Google Caffeine after all with the search becoming faster, you have a lot to gain.