How Important Are Meta Tags In SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation is a vast process and its success can be contributed to several elements like keywords, keyword phrases, title tags, meta tags, back-linking, reciprocal linking, dynamic linking, and much more. One of the oldest methods of search engine optimisation is using Meta tags.

Meta tags are basically a type of HTML code, which is normally inserted into the header of a web page right after the title tag. The importance of using Meta tags in SEO has always been a topic for debate. The truth is even though Google has proclaimed that Meta tags don’t matter, it does play an important role in search engine optimisation. And then Google is not the only search engine out there! Why are Meta tags important?

They are important because it helps in publishing data, which is not visible in the web browser and this data can contain anything from important keywords to information related to a particular webpage. The question is where does a beginner to SEO start from? How can Meta tags be incorporated?

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There are two types of Meta tags: the Meta keywords tags and the Meta description tags. The Meta keywords tag is not supported by certain search engines because more and more administrators are using keywords and keyword phrases within website content. So using the same keywords in a Meta keyword tag would make it duplicate and will have no consequences on SEO.

On the other hand, Meta description tags have several levels of relevancy in most of the major search engines. Some of the search engines even display it in their results. This tag is normally inserted between sentences in a paragraph and it is important to ensure that they are not keyword stuffed. You can use both primary and secondary keywords as they play an important role in boosting the click through rates.  The bottom line is that you can choose to overlook the use of Meta keywords tags but using meta description tags is integral to successful SEO.