Twitter Vs Facebook – What Is More Popular

Twitter vs Facebook – it’s not the easiest comparison. This is not about David and Goliath. This is about two giants who have their own unique set of attributes. Each of these social media websites has been designed for a particular purpose and that makes them completely different, yet similar because they give people what they want – a chance to network.

As the numbers suggest, Twitter is growing rapidly both in popularity as well as importance. It isn’t just another platform for people to stay connected on a real-time basis. The site has become an important part of brand marketing for businesses. From February 2008 to February 2009, Twitter visitors grew a whopping 1,382% (475000 to 7 million) making it one of the fastest-growing websites on the Internet. On the other hand, Facebook grew 228% for the same period and was the third-fastest growing website behind Zimbio, which grew a healthy 240%.

Another major difference between Twitter and Facebook is that Twitter is more popular among adults in the age group of 35 to 49 years. Tweeters as these people are called, make for almost 3 million unique members of the website. This is almost 42% of Twitter’s total visitor base. 62% of Tweeters use Twitter at work, and only 35% use it from home.

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For Facebook, the growth was seen in the age group 55-65 years for both men (19%) and women (16.9%). Growth was lowest in the age group of 18-25 years.

Whatever the statistics suggest, one thing is for sure both Twitter and Facebook have their own unique followers that love to spend time making friends, staying connected, and networking whether it’s through instant messaging or through any other means.