What Are The Benefits Of Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

There are several elements or tools that play a vital role in the success of a search engine optimisation campaign and one such tool is PPC or pay-per-click advertising. To most beginners to SEO or SEM, this will sound like a complicated process but in reality, it is a simple process. It is one of the most successful internet advertising models, where you pay the advertising medium or host only when a visitor clicks on your advertisement. The top 3 PPC providers are Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

People or businesses normally use pay-per-click advertising to enhance search engine optimisation and to create high link popularity, which further leads to in-flow of targeted website traffic. Finally, what you really get is online customers, boost in sales, and higher page rank.

There are several benefits of pay-per-click advertising and here are some of them:

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  • The most important benefit is saving money. Pay-per-click advertising works on a simple advertising strategy. You pay only when a customer sees your advertisement and clicks on it. Normally in the print and the electronic medium, it is difficult to judge the number of people seeing the advertisement – you can only make an estimate and you will have to pay in advance for the estimate. In pay-per-click advertising, there are no estimates; you can actually calculate using an algorithm, the number of visitors who have actually clicked through the ad to reach your website.
  • The principle of pay per click advertising is fairly simple. You have to place the highest bid for a keyword or a keyword phrase so that your advertisement is displayed on the highest search results page
  • One of the important benefits of using pay-per-click advertising is that it is flexible. This means you can change, delete, or modify the keywords used in the advertisement depending on market requirements and conditions
  • You can change the advertisement copy anytime you want without paying anything extra

The success of pay-per-click advertising depends heavily on the type of content or advertising copy and hence your focus should always be on using content that attracts customers.