How Important Is Link Buiding In SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the best methods or tools for driving targeted website traffic. Online marketing experts have different views of SEO but the one thing that all agree to: link building is integral to SEO. So what is Local SEO Citations?

In a layman’s language Local SEO Citations refers to connecting to other websites that belong to the same industry as you are. There are two types of link building – back linking and reciprocal linking. In back linking, which is sometimes known as one-way linking, you will have to embed your website link in articles, press releases, and other type of content. The content is normally displayed on third party websites and article directories. What really happens is that when readers come across your article, they will be able to see your website link and click on it to reach your website. This helps largely in driving targeted internet traffic and also increases link popularity. In other words, it will help in search engine optimization. How?

Search engine optimization revolves around usage of specific keywords related to your business in such a way that the search engine spiders can read and index your content on the basis of that. The more relevant your keywords are, the higher the visibility on a search engine. So when you write an article using the right keywords and submit it on an article directory, search engines will display it based on the keywords used for searching content. Let’s look at an example: You have written an article called “Thrills of Nightlife in Madrid” and submitted to a particular article directory. Now when a visitor to that directory uses the keyword “Madrid” or the keyword phrase “nightlife in Madrid” then the search engine will bring up your article. Once your article is visible then readers can click on the link embedded in the article. The link will lead readers to your website and that’s the main purpose of SEO – to deliver high website traffic!

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