Twitter Vs Facebook – Which Is Best For Getting A Message Out

Social networking is still like a baby finding it’s feet and so it remains to be seen in which direction this baby will be headed and how soon. Whether it will go Tweet tweet or simply be Facebook.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook attract thousands of unique visitors every month. But for businesses, the crucial question is which of these two sites is best for getting their message across to their target audience. While both dominate the Internet, there is considerable difference between the two and it is therefore, open to debate about who is the best!

Fortunately for those who don’t like things complicated, Twitter’s simple and to-the-point interface not just saves time but also allows them to get their work done, read tweet, in real time…quick and easy. Facebook on the other hand has a more complicated interface with many different levels. However, we aren’t discussing their navigation. We are trying to ascertain, which one of them is more effective for networking and brand marketing.

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According to Nielsen’s study, Twitter has grown a staggering 1382% from Feb 2008 to Feb 2009. Moreover, 42% of Twitter’s unique visitors’ base comprises of people between the age group 35 to 49 years. This gives Twitter a real edge. For businesses, the nature of their business (Service/product) usually determines the target audience. However, the age group 35 to 49 years happens to be the ones who have the money, information, and need to buy a product or seek a service.

Alternatively, Facebook has lesser number of people in the above age group but a rising number of older people; aged 55-65 years have taken to it in a huge way. If you cater to the senior citizens, Facebook is a good platform to get your message across.

Since FB is more of a social networking site and Twitter a real time instant messaging platform, the choice between the two depends on many factors and completely depends on the target audience one wants to reach out to.