SEO Tips Anyone Can Do To Improve Their Websites Performance

Search engine optimization is a process by which you can improve the overall performance of your website, drive a high volume of targeted traffic, create brand visibility and brand awareness, and last but not the least, boost sales. In spite of what experts say, SEO is not a complicated process although it does have sub-processes and several functional elements. If you are a beginner to SEO then here are our top SEO tips that will help you to improve your website’s performance.

Tip#1: Make your website content keyword rich. You can find keywords or keyword phrases using the Google Adword keywords tool. At the same time, ensure that you don’t end up spamming your website content with too many keywords.

Tip#2: Ensure your website has an easy to use navigation and all pages are well linked to each other. Internal links can go a long way in ensuring higher search engine page rank (SERP).

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Tip#3: Write articles and submit them in ezines or article submission directories. Basically, this is a method of creating inbound links, which will lead to a flow of highly targeted traffic. You can start by writing articles relevant to your website content and post them in the top 10 directories including ezine articles, article base, buzzle, go articles, helium, article alley, article dashboard etc. You will need to insert the link to your website within the article or in the author description so that people can use it to visit your website.

Tip#4: Start a blog. A blog is an effective method of increasing awareness and getting targeted traffic. You can open a blog account in WordPress or eblogger or create a customized blog with the help of tools provided by web hosting companies. Write about news, product features, service and anything that is relevant to your business. A URL link to your website from the blog will ensure a steady flow of traffic.

All the above methods of improving website performance through SEO are cost-effective and some are for free.