How Important Is Optimising Content In SEO

Content optimisation is essential and integral to the success of SEO or search engine optimization. High volume of traffic and website visibility depends largely on the type of content, type of keywords or keyword phrases, and internal and external links. Optimised content can actually help increase ranking of a website on search engines and more than that it has the ability to hold the ranking during changes in search engine algorithms. There are basically four important elements of website content that play an important role in the success of SEO and they are:

Headline tags: The headline tag also known as the title tag will inform your visitor as well as search engines about the topic of your webpage. There are 6 pre-defined Title tags / headline tags that you can work with and they range from <h1> tag to <h6> tag. While using a heading tag, you will need to consider certain aspects like:

  • Use concise wordings but including the primary or secondary keyword
  • Don’t use the same tag multiple times in a single page
  • Use a title tag / headline tag only when appropriate

Specific Content: The content on each of your webpage should be different from the other. There should be specific content in a webpage that should stand out from the rest of the content. The specific content can be in a different colour, bold, underlined, in italics, or highlighted. When you mention a particular line in bold then it will serve two purposes: it will be visible immediately to the reader and also reinforce the special message that your website wants to impart. Secondly, the search engines by rule will read bold as a heading and this will add more weight to search engine positioning.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

How you use headline tags and specific content will determine the degree of optimisation of your website content in SEO.