Latest SEO Trends

Almost anyone who’s got something to say today is getting involved over the Internet in a big way. The Internet offers a cost-effective channel to businesses to reach out to their target audience. But in order to take advantage of this channel, businesses also need to learn about search engine optimisation or SEO so that they can spread the word far out globally. SEO has been integral to creating an online identity and it pays to be aware of the latest SEO trends just for this reason alone. So what are these trends? Take a look for yourself:

  1. Content is STILL the king – Like before, pay extra attention to your website’s content. This means you focus on proper on-site usage of keywords. To a great extent, content is the basis of a successful SEO campaign. Don’t let your audience down by allowing the website content to go stale. Keep adding new content and update existing one so that you are constantly part of search engine results.
  2. Building authority of your site – Now more than ever before, having a website that audience can trust and connect with is fast gaining importance. This is partly due to the fact that websites are popping up ‘a dime a dozen’ (pardon the expression) and it is becoming really hard to understand whether a site is worth being bookmarked or not. Authority or credentials of your website depend hugely on content once again.
  3. Social media can’t be ignored – Yes, thanks to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media websites, having a solid presence on these sites is a big help in terms of SEO and building your online brand. Social media has also proved to be a productive way to spread the word out that you are ready to be noticed and search engines better take notice!

Finally some of the latest SEO trends include PageRank, anchor texts, and of course, doing things the right way to please Google!