How to Find Out What Websites are Linking to Your Site

A backlink is an inbound or incoming link to a website from another website that finds the former site relevant and useful. It is said to be the most important factor in improving your website ranking in the page results. To put it in the simplest terms, backlinks increase your site’s visibility on the web. There are a number of ways to identify the websites that are linking to your site, and some of them are featured here.

Backlink Checkers

These are backlink tools used by many webmasters and website owners to determine which sites are linking back to their site. In addition, some of the good backlink checkers show other essential details like PR of the pages linking to you, the page and domain authority and anchor text of your links. There are many backlink checker software available for use, such as Yahoo! Site Explorer, SEO Pro’s Link Checker, SEO SpyGlass, Majestic SEO, Linkscape, RankAlert’s Backlink Watch Tool, Smart PageRank’s BackLink PageRank Check and many more. With enough information given by a backlink checker tool, you will be able to channel your effort on enhancing your website in order to obtain more quality backlinks.

Advanced Search Queries

You can also identify websites linking to your site by using advanced search queries from the search engines. In Google, for instance, using the “link:” operator [] generates a sampling of pages linking to If you want a complete list of pages and a full link report, you will find the Google Webmaster Tools very useful. When checking backlinks in Yahoo! [] generates the links to your site. For Bing, you could do the same way you would with Google to determine backlinks, and that is []. However, you have to sign up to the Bing Webmaster Centre to find out, also much like Google Webmaster Tools.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Let’s say you’ve setup a fresh website. The next target is to invite as many visitors to your page as possible. To do this, you should acquire as many backlinks pointing to your site as you can. But this is not an easy task. Internet users should find your site relevant and useful. This way, they will be able to endorse your site by linking their pages to yours hence driving traffic to your site. Ignition Media is a team of SEO professionals who can not only help you create high-quality content and SEO friendly website, but also manager your SEO campaign which includes Local SEO Citations.