Static HTML vs. CMS Website – How to Know What is Right for Your Website

If you are about to create your first ever website, deciding whether to go with a CMS website or build an HTML site should be one of the first decisions you need to make. You may be asking at this point: What template is right for my website? To answer your query, keep on reading and obtain better understanding about the differences between static HTML and CMS website.

What is CMS?

Content Management System offers dynamic pages that are generated in real-time. Once the site is running under CMS, webmasters will find it very easy to modify content on the website, allowing them to create, delete and amend content with ease. If your online business relies on the need for frequent updates by adding content on a daily or weekly basis, CMS makes a better option than static HTML. Most CMS websites will also benefit by having a large selection of 3rd party add-ons that boost the site’s functionality even more. You also have the option to embed mp3 players and photo galleries into the system. Unfortunately, learning the CMS platform may require an ample amount of your time and effort which can truly be frustrating if you are accustomed to using an HTML template.

What is Static HTML?

As the name implies, a static HTML is just plain static. It only changes when you modify or change the actual HTML code, which can be done with different types of editor. When users click a link, the website displays the same information to all users. An HTML website is usually used by small five-page, brochure style, non-interactive sites. If there’s a need to change the page, it has to be edited off-line and then it has to be re-uploaded to the web space. This can be time consuming though. Eventually, your website will require an updated look, making CMS a better option than static HTML.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

When deciding which system to use for your website, you first need to determine your goals for putting up a site. If you plan to grow your site over time, CMS may be a better option. But if you don’t intend to add functionality to your site like an e-commerce shopping cart or a photo gallery, you can go with static HTML. To help you decide and create a well-suited site for your business, contact a professional web designer to come up with the best decision. Ignition Media is a team composed of professional web designers who can help build your website!