How to Integration Social Media into your Website

Fact: social media is one of the reasons why the use of search engines has declined. After all, one doesn’t even have to search for something to find it; chances are, he may have found it via Twitter or Facebook before he gets the chance to Google it.

Another fact: even without any figures, you’d know that people online spend a lot of time on their social media accounts—perhaps even more so than in their emails. This makes email marketing less effective than it was.

So obviously, any website has to integrate social media into its being. How do you do that?

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

First off, you need to add Facebook and Twitter buttons/links on your page so your visitors would follow you on your social media accounts. By doing this, you already have an instant connection with your visitor; through FB or Twitter, you can relay your message even without having them visit your website.

Having a Facebook “Like” page is also important. Make sure the Facebook “Like Button” is present on your site as well (wherein the visitor can like your FB page from your site without having to go to your FB page).

It’s important today to make your site’s content shareable as well. Plugins or widgets such as ShareBar or Sociable add functions on your site so your visitors can easily put a link of your content to their social media accounts. Obviously, this could get more eyeballs to your website (and even make your content go viral).

These two techniques, actually, are very basic and very effective as they are inward (they direct visitors to the site) and outward (they send out content or a message to various outlets).

Use social bookmark sites as well, such as Reddit and Digg. By using plugins that allow visitors to bookmark your content to these sites, you can drive more traffic into your website.

If you’re using a WordPress content management system, you have access to a number of free social media plugins. With this, you can easily integrate social media into your website. Of course, other systems such as Joomla! have their own set of software for such features.

Also remember that the function of social media is twofold: to make content more accessible to people and to create a community of visitors (hence making it easier to talk to them when necessary).

If you’re wondering how else you can integrate social media in your website, contact Ignition Media today.