How To Get To The Top Of Yahoo!

The Yahoo! search engine is the number one engine of the world in terms of the number of searches it gets. Of course, Google is more popular, but Yahoo! get more business. For that reason, it would be wisest for you to try and optimize your website for both these search engines. But the problem is, Yahoo! works differently from Google. In this article, let us see how you can use your SEO strategies to make your website rank higher on Yahoo!

The Yahoo! search engine uses a language-based algorithm. Let us see what that means. Other search engine spiders will crawl your website to search for a keyword only in a particular form. If the keyword is “Gold Coast hotel”, these spiders will look for only “Gold Coast hotel”. But the Yahoo! search engine will also look for variations of this keyword. That means, even if your website content has keywords like “Gold Coast hotels”, “hotel Gold Coast”, “hotels Gold Coast”, etc. they will be used to rank the website. The Yahoo! search engine is also intelligent enough to pick up synonyms. So, if someone is searching for “student loan consolidation” and your website has “student debt consolidation”, it still has a chance to show up in Yahoo!’s results.

Google does not accept such variations. But that suits the webmaster just fine. While Google will consider any keyword density above 2% to be stuffing, Yahoo! has a leeway till 5%. So, you can use synonyms and keyword variations to get to the top lists of both Google and Yahoo! Up to 2%, use the same form of the keyword and for the rest 3% use variations to target Yahoo!

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Do not neglect to keep updating your website all the time. A very good idea is to link your website to a blog just as we have done with this very blog you are now reading and keep updating that constantly. Yahoo! loves content that is updated all the time.