How to Measure a Website’s Traffic (Google Analytics)

Online businesses should gather web statistics to track essential information about the way visitors interact with the website. With Google Analytics (GA) you can generate detailed statistics about the performance of your website, allowing you to take full control of your website and remedy what needs to be corrected.  Learn how to measure traffic to your website in order to determine whether or not you are generating sales and employ its corresponding corrective tactics.

Install Google Analytics- To install GA, you should have a Google account. Then, sign up for Analytics services using your Gmail id. You will receive a tracking code which needs to be copied and pasted to every page on your website. Once you have successfully added the code, it’s time to look at your site’s data.

Dashboard and Analytics- Your dashboard gives basic details about your website, including number of visits, traffic sources, most visited pages, average time spent on site, the countries your visitors came from and so on. You can select various details that you want to analyse as well as the time duration for the graph. Grouping is also an essential feature of GA, allowing you to group your website traffic weekly or monthly.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Map Overlay- You will find a map overlay service which shows where your visitors are coming from. This information is very important especially if you are targeting a specific geographic location.

Visitor Trending- This tab allows you to breakdown your site’s visitor trends. It has sub tabs that provide more detailed analysis about the traffic such as visits, absolute unique visitors, page views, average page views, time on site, and bounce rate.

Visitor Loyalty- This tab offers different subsections that allow you to monitor several factors about visitor loyalty. It gives you details like length of visit, depth of visit, time spent on the website, and recency.

Traffic Sources- If you want to narrow traffic down, the traffic sources tab allows you to track specific sources where all your sites traffic is coming from. You will be able to determine traffic sources like referring sites, search engines, or if the traffic comes directly from manually typing your into the browser or through a bookmark.

By measuring your website’s traffic, you can gain valuable insights about your online venture, transactions, ROI and customers. Google Analytics allows you to make sound decisions for improving your business. If your site is not performing well in the statistics, contact the SEO experts at Ignition Media to improve your website traffic!