How to Increase Customer Enquiries on Your Website

Customer service plays a vital role in the sphere of modern business. Thus, it is irrefutably important to establish a website that is not just customer-friendly but also gains the trust of a visitor. One way to improve your online customer service is to increase customer enquiries on your website.

Have a Clear Contact Point

Your “Contact Us” page is an effective tool for showing that your business is legit and real. The more information you put on your page the more you build your visitors trust and confidence. Information like your company’s email address, chat ID, phone number and physical address are great channels for customer enquiries. If you have a business card, include both your website address and email address so people can contact you easily for queries. Just make sure you have prompt customer service to attend to the queries though.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Also, linking your contact page on each page of your website enables you to determine what page your visitors were looking at before they decided to send the message.  Doing so will give you a crucial idea on what to improve, what products are in-demand, etc. Simply put, leave a room where customers can contact you if they don’t see that they need on your site.

Participate in Online Communities

Online communities are excellent channels for directing visitors to your website. You can add a link to your contact page on your forum posts. This will not only enable customers to contact you directly, but also allows you to introduce your website to a large number of potential customers that shares common interest.

Have a Clear Privacy Policy

People value their privacy more than anything else. Hence, you have to make your visitors feel comfortable and confident in your privacy policy. Basically, you need to create a clear policy that encourages trust between you and your visitors. Failure to do so may scare your potential customers away. Concerns about the protection of both personal and payment information should be given importance in the policy.

Provide High-Quality Content

If your site is on the first page of any search engine based on a specific keyword, then you are likely to welcome more customer enquiries. In other words, you can expect an increased number of enquiries if your website ranking is high. To do this, you need to have high-quality SEO.

Customer enquiries are vital to the success of your online business. To increase the number of customer enquiries on your website, the best solution would be getting the services of a reputable Gold Coast SEO company. Ignition Media can do wonders for your business, giving your site its much needed momentum to rank high in the search engines.