How to Write the Perfect Article for an Article Submission Website

Articles are written and distributed to content publishers to improve your online authority. This is one of the most effective forms of online marketing available today, if properly done. Articles that peak readers’ attention is a great way obtain trust and confidence of your target audience as well as build your professional reputation. The question now is: How to write the perfect article? Don’t fret. Below are some tips to help you establish your authority as a writer.

Identify Your Topic

Your article should always get a feel about the topic of your website. However, you need to come up with a particular topic every now and then. Your customers are a good source of topics. Browse through their comments and identify the questions that they’re frequently asking you about. Your article will be the answer to that question. After all, you’re writing useful articles for your target market, and your target market is your customers.

Avoid Long Paragraphs

Your audience arrived at your article searching for specific information. Therefore, you should exactly offer what they need and give the information direct to the point. If you have tons of information to say, break up those crucial details into chunks. You can present them by using sub-headers, numbers or bullets. Doing so will enable your readers to dig through your article much clearer and much easier.

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Consider the Word Count Requirement

Aside from breaking long paragraphs into chunks, the whole article should also comply with the total word count requirement of article directories. Word count for each article directory can vary, but most directories have a minimum requirement of 400 words. Use a word count of at least 400-500 words. Remember, the shorter the article, the better it is. This is because internet users do have a very sensitive attention span and long articles can scare them away!

Make it Web Friendly

Incorporate your keywords in the title to attract readers. Your title should hint your audience about the information that is contained in your article. Moreover, the content should also include your target keyword/phrases, with the right keyword density and proper keyword stuffing. Be natural about it though.

Writing articles is a form of advertisement to your website. While there are no guarantees that your articles will be landing on the first pages of the search engines immediately, hiring a good SEO company can boost your chances of bringing traffic to your website as a work in progress. If you want to build your website’s reputation, contact Ignition Media for that perfect article!