How to Increase Registered Members on Your Website

It is quite obvious that visitors play a very essential role for boosting the visibility of a website. Regrettably, many online businesses could not generate enough traffic, therefore, making their online venture a failure. Here are some guidelines for increasing the number of registered members on your website for a successful internet enterprise.

Create a User-Friendly Interface

How the registration screen is presented can either attract or scare your visitors. Your goal is to provide a positive registration experience to your visitors. Once you have a registered user, make sure that this visitor will enjoy easy, fast, and simple login experience. The goal here is to encourage visitors to always login to the site. If you make both registration and login process complicated, users won’t bother to sign up or login to your site. Upon registration, allow your visitors to personalise their username and password to make them feel more connected to your site.

Focus on Products and Services

Most people are guided with the wrong impression that an alluring website will attract many visitors to browse through the site. While this strategy is essential, the main focus for a successful online business should be geared towards improving the products and services to match the requirements of the visitors. Whether you offer an exclusive freebie, a limited-time trial or a “lite” version, providing visitors a top quality product or service will ultimately lead to the conversion of these visitors to real customers. Furthermore, highlighting some testimonials from satisfied members will also increase the trust and confidence of your visitors to sign up with your site.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Article Marketing

Informative, interesting and high-quality articles can definitely drive traffic to your website. Submit your articles to several high-ranking article directories to allow readers find your website easily. Make sure to provide your contact details on the resource box so readers will be directed to your website if they wish to learn more about the topic. If these visitors will find your website appealing, they will certainly sign up for the membership.

Page titles, introductory sentences, registration links, login links, images, icons and the featured content should all look appealing to the visitors. How should it look? What colour should the buttons be? If you’re not a web designer yourself, consulting a professional designer is a wise choice. Ignition Media will help you increase the registered members on your site, and ultimately make your online business a success.