How To Request A Link Exchange

In order to learn how you may request a link exchange, you need to familiarise yourself with what link exchange is and how it works.

With the pressure being on webmaster to improve the pagerank of their websites, Local SEO Citations has become an integral part of a website’s SEO campaign. When you ask a quality website that has a theme similar to yours or same as yours to allow you to link (connect) to it, you are building a link. If the website agrees to your request and asks you for permission to link to your website as well, you are exchanging a link.

Why are links important? Links to good websites are worth their weight in gold over the Internet as they improve your site’s credibility as well as help you garner more traffic and up your rank on the SERPs. How does this happen? Well, you see, Google believes any website page that has more quality links is a popular one and hence, gives more importance to it. As a matter of fact, 45% weightage can be given to link building out of all the ranking factors. Therefore, Local SEO Citations through link exchange plays an important role in helping website owners achieve first page rankings on Google search engine.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

If you are also in the race to accumulate more links in order to improve your site’s search engine ranking, below are the top 3 ways to request, and build links through exchange.

  1. Viral content – Unique content goes a long way in working magic on the search engines. Write for the viewers and not the SEs. Interesting, focused, and fresh content gets talked about, shared and remembered, leading to links.
  2. Social Networking – Look for people to share your content with on social networking sites.
  3. One way links – Find websites to link to your website by using programmes available on the Internet.