How to Write A Press Release

A press release would be a great way to share company news, new product announcement and a special event. Writing a press release is very different from writing an article or a blog post. Given below are a few suggestions:

The Format of A Press Release

It is essential for a press release to have the company logo. It must also include the company name, phone number address and website URL. Spell out PRESS RELEASE in capitals at the center of the page. The page’s left margin must state if it is for immediate release.

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Writing the Headline for the Press Release

The title or the headline is a very important component in a press release. The headline must be in bold and must be centered. The font can be a size larger than the font of the content in order to ensure it stands out. It must be written to ensure that it grabs the attention of a reader. Keep the headline snappy and short so that people would want to read on.

Writing the Content of the Press Release

Start the main content with the location for the press release origination and the date. The first paragraph must briefly discuss the subject of the release. In the next paragraph you can explain the who, why, where and when of the event or the news. This should be followed with a quote from a good source to provide it a personal touch.

The last paragraph can be used for summarizing the news and must provide the information of the company and its website URL where people can get more information.

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