How to optimise your Facebook account

Just like your main website, you would also want your Facebook page to be search engine-friendly. The goal here is to ensure that it is listed on relevant top 10 search page results as this is the only way to reaffirm your brand authority, to boost the number of your clicks, and to boost brand awareness.

Optimising your Facebook page is relatively easy. Below are some steps that you can do to easily boost your search engine ranking:

  1. Carefully choose the name of your Facebook. This may sound like a no-brainer but a lot of people fail to understand when optimising a brand in this social networking site, choosing the best and the most descriptive name is the most important. Two tips I can give you are to not use very generic names and not to use too many keywords that you’ll sound spammy. Instead, choose a couple of keywords that you can combine to help your potential customers know exactly what you offer. A good example of this is our client – while the actual business name is ‘’ the Facebook page is called ‘Gold Coast Holiday Rentals’. Keep in mind the first two words that you use in your fan page is given the most weight by Google.
  2. Use keywords. Keywords are what your potential clients going to use when they search for your brand or for the product that you sell. Thus, its important that Google can find these on your Facebook page. Pay most important attention to Company Description, Mission, and About Us Sections.
  3. Build quality inbound links. Aside from using keywords, building quality inbound links is another way to boost your ranking and to make your page look more authoritative to Google. This is the reason why it is important to backlink to your fan page using all available channels – it goes without saying that a link from the home page of your website is a must.

Here at Ignition Media, we offer Facebook Page Optimisation along with other important social media services for SEO. Make us your partner and together, let’s build a stronger brand, boost your ranking, and increase your web traffic. To obtain more information, contact us via the contact page or call us at 07 55 687 525.

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