Importance Of URL Structure For SEO

One of the hottest and heavily debated topics in the search and SEO industry is the significance of URL structure for SEO. There are two different views on this. One group believes that by placing keywords in the URL, the SEO process gets enhanced. These SEO experts believe that a web page without keywords based URL just won’t rank well.

The other group believes that URLs with keywords don’t enhance the SEO process nor do they help rank the web page any higher on SERPs. That being said, these SEO experts also believe that keywords are important and should be used from the search engines’ and visitors’ perspective; however, URLs don’t need to be keyword rich.

Having understood the two different perspectives on the structure of URL, it’s time to understand what this URL structure really is.

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What Is URL Structure?

URL structure can be simply defined as the way your website address looks to your site’s visitors and the search engines.

When we talk about URL structures for two database driven websites that sell similar products, we must understand that each site gets different rankings. However, since they are selling similar products, they should have similar ranking but this is not the case.

That’s because it’s possible that one website understands the important of URL structure for SEO, while the other doesn’t and hence lags in pageranking. It’s important for website to tell the search engines about their services or products so that the search engines can index those pages for the best results.

Therefore, when you design your site, make sure you give importance to your URLs during the planning stage. After all, if you get the URLs right from the beginning, you will make a positive contribution towards getting your website indexed correctly and this will also save you the effort of having to change your database structure mid-way.