Website Criteria For A Link Exchange

Link building is an important and integral part of any SEO campaign. That being said, Link building is also a time-intensive and difficult task, simply because there are a lot of factors you need to consider regarding the website you may wish to do link exchange with. Below are the most important website criteria for a link exchange.

  1. Quality of Inbound Links – Always make sure you check the quality of incoming links. The thumb rule is: quality ranks over quantity. 10 well trusted quality links can be more valuable than 100 low quality links.
  2. Relevant Websites – Exchanging links with websites that similar to yours or same as yours are a lot more relevant than random link exchange. This is also because search engines like Google, Bing etc give weightage to relevancy.
  3. Fewer Outbound Links – When browsing a website for link exchange, make sure you pay careful attention to the number of outbound links it has. Only exchange links with web pages that have less than 25 outbound links. That is because a webpage’s pagerank will get divided between all the outbound links. So a webpage with 6-7 outbound links is better than one with 12-13 outbound links.
  4. Link Page Directory Link – When linking to a website, make sure that it has a link to the link page directory on its main page as this will help you increase your pagerank and website traffic.
  5. Categorised Link Directory – Look for websites that categorise their links, as this translates into more traffic and enhanced credibility.
  6. Content Pages – Links at the bottom of a well-optimised website page has more value than a link that’s located on a directory page, as less people are likely to click on such links.
  7. Indexed with Google – Link exchange with websites that have already been indexed by Google this helps you get more exposure and better pagerank. Also, avoid linking with websites that have been banned by Google and other search engines.