Man or Machine: About Organic SEO and SEM

Would you want fast but short term results or long term results which could take months? Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can take up to six months to show. The long waiting time can turn off online marketers, making them think of going for black hat SEO techniques instead.

The main difference here is that black hat SEO attracts search engine spiders. These techniques think about the program (or the machine) and totally overlook the fact that the websites should actually be designed to please human beings. Relevance is measured by the frequency of a keyword’s appearance in a single text block. At the very least, the textual content of these black hat websites are annoying. When you repeat a single key phrase 12 times in a 120-word text block, though, you’re bound to come up with garbage text.

Organic SEO, on the other hand, sprinkles an ample amount of keyword into the website’s text just so the site is considered relevant enough by non-human search engine crawlers. These are programs which have no idea what subjective relevance is, so the keyword density is still the factor at play. However, the keyword density of these texts is never more than 1.5%, and if these words need to be repeated at all, they’re placed strategically so that the information in the text jives well with the keyword appearance.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Most website owners, when they’re not talented writers themselves, even hire professional writers to do this for them. The content is also information-rich, first of all, before it’s keyword-rich. A really good internet marketer would probably be able to meld the two together. After all, it’s all about crafting your articles well so that they’re useful for human readers yet optimized for search engines. It just takes a lot of thinking through. Inorganic or black hat SEO tries to go for shortcuts, but these shortcuts always backfire.

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