Fan Page Risks: Handling Negative Comments on your Social Networking Page

Social networking pages are essentially “fan pages” whether they’re labeled as such or not. They work in the same way blog works, where you gain “followers” who purportedly keep in touch with your and read all of your updates. When you’re managing a store, whether it’s online, brick-and-mortar, or both, social networking fan pages can work to your advantage as long as you use the page well.

However, because of the “democratic” nature of the Internet, your contacts might not be all “fans” after all. They could be allies of your competitor who are out to get you by posting negative comments, or worse, earnestly unsatisfied customers who would like to have their qualms aired out. If this is the case, how are you supposed to handle negative comments in general?

Diplomacy is the key. If you erase the negative comment without bothering to resolve it first, your customers will feel that you’re withholding from them the right to complain. They’re also going to feel like you don’t value their opinions. You should keep your cool and try to resolve the matter in the same way you would had you been face-to-face with your agitated customer. Apologize for the inconvenience you’ve caused, ask for a report, and tell them you’ll do your best to serve them better next time. Then try to take the conversation to a more private field.

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Ask your agitated customer to contact you through email. If the fault really is yours to begin with, then you can make up for it by giving your customer a freebie. If it wasn’t, apologize just the same. There’s no use getting into an argument if you can settle things with a few dollars’ worth of free item. Once the issue has been settled, you can either update the other clients who read the negative comment, or erase the comment altogether.

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